Consultation fee

- Home N20,000

- Business N40,000

- Overall fee will be dependent on the requirements of the client and the span of the project. 80% payment is due upon confirmation, 20% payment is due upon 90% completion of the project 


Rental Space 

- 4 hour half day, outdoor only N150,000

- Full day, outdoor only N250,000

- 4 hour half day, indoor only N150,000

- Full day, indoor only N180,000

- Outdoor & Indoor rental N430,000

Please note that these fees are subject to a 10-20% increase during peak seasons.


Arts & Crafts Club

- Per class N6000

- Membership fees (access anytime), monthly N15,000

- Membership fees (access anytime), annually N150,000



Reading Bus 

- Walk-in reading session N3000

- Bus rental for play date or reading session N2500 per child, minimum 4 children, maximum 15.