logo Who we are

Tots Toys is a children’s educational toyshop and
learning space for children age 0-7years.

We offer an unrivaled range of educational books,
toys, games, puzzles, creative play items and arts &

All our products are intended to aid children’s
development and learning through play.

Tots library consists of over 300 different children’s
books from both international
bestselling authors and local authors.

We also offer our space for book readings, interactive
learning sessions as well as activities to keep children

logo Our mission

We believe children learn by doing and the
development is a process.

We assume children are active, competent and curious.
We believe children learn best in a safe environment
which encourages their active involvement in the
learning process and enhances individual areas of
development – cognitive, emotional, and social

Tots Toys understands the importance of introducing
reading to children at an early stage.
We aim to help create a new generation of book

Gift Registry

Tots Toys offers a gift registry service.

How it works:

Contact us to schedule a time to come in and select your gifts, alternatively you can select items from our website.
We then compile your list of chosen gifts.
When your guests come in, they give us the name of the gift registry – our staff then help find a gift to suit their budget.